Small Claims Legal Document Assistance
in Los Angeles & San Diego

James Polk, LDA – Los Angeles and San Diego County

My name is James Polk and I am LA County Individual Legal Document Assistant Registrant # 2017038148, as well as Sacramento County Individual Legal Document Assistant Registrant # 2017-03.  I am not an attorney, I cannot give legal advise and this includes not being able to pick out which forms you need to complete and file for your specific legal needs.  I provide self-help services only at my client’s specific direction.  I have two county registrations so that I can better serve the needs of Northern Californian and Southern Californian Clients.  Sacramento is also an important county for state level document assistance.

What does this mean?  Well first off, it means I have a plethora of brochures written by attorneys on basic self-help topics.  These brochures are written by attorneys who work for CALDA.  I am a member of CALDA which stands for the California Association of Legal Document Assistants.  As a member I have resources to help you as a self-represented litigant.  If the brochure pertaining to your self-help legal situation answers your questions and you know what forms you want to file, I can help you complete and file your forms.  If you decide you would like to complete and file them on your own that’s great!  That’s part of why I do what I do and I know you will recommend me to a family member or a friend who also might have a self-help legal situation.

If after reading the pertinent CALDA brochure or other informational legal material you are unsure as to which route you would like to take, you have options.  I cannot advise you as to what legal route to take in dealing with a legal situation, but I can refer you to what is called a Limited Scope Representation Attorney.  A Limited Scope Representation Attorney is an attorney who will meet with you over the phone and talk with you for about half-an-hour and who will then tell you what you need to know to decide on a legal solution.  They generally want you to write them a concise email about your situation.  They then read the email on the phone with you and advise you as to what forms to file, or what other issues you may have to take into account.  A Limited Scope Representation Attorney basically gives you your tasks to complete on your own and I can help you with those tasks.

I also am a Legal Shield Associate, which means I sell a simple monthly plan through Legal Shield which gives you access to attorneys and a certain amount of consultation and representation from them on a monthly and yearly basis.  The basic monthly service plan for Legal Shield is around $20.  It is an awesome little service especially for people who are often times not able to hire an attorney to take care of everything pertaining to one of their legal needs.  They also can function as your go to Limited Scope Representation Attorney Service and can give you a list of tasks to complete to address your legal needs.  I can then help you with whatever tasks you decide you want help with.  If you are interested, I have a Legal Shield Link at www.LegalShield.com/hub/jamespolk.

By and large I help people accurately complete what are called California Judicial Council Forms.  These are all found at www.courts.ca.gov under the forms tab.  They are divided up by different category of type of law the forms deal with.

Please let me know if you have any legal need I can help you with.

James Polk
Legal Document Assistant
(562) 474-4344
LA County Individual LDA Reg. # 2017038148
Sacramento County Ind. LDA Reg. # 2017-03